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Quality wedding suits for you and your groomsmen. 100% online.



Register your group with the details of your big day so we’re all on the same page.


Find items that match your wedding style, click on the 'Add to Wishlist' button or heart icon to save.


When you have all the pieces in place, share the wishlist link with your group.


We will coordinate the rest. If you need anything - we’ve got you. Our goal is to make sure everything goes smoothly


Wedding party of 5 or more? With those orders made, the groom will receive a coupon code for a free suit.

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“I ordered a suit for my wedding and I couldn’t be happier with what I received. The fabric was soft and comfortable, and the suit fit me perfectly.”

- Daniel G.

“Nice quality suit, good fit, quick delivery, affordable pricing! I highly recommend their suits!”

- Bruce B.

“The suit I received was amazing. It fit me like a glove. The material was sleek and breathable. The design was elegant and modern. Thank you!”

- James W.


Why register my group?

When you register your group, it keeps the wedding party organized by keeping a record of all details regarding who is in the wedding party and wedding date so that we have an accurate number of groomsmen and deadline to ship the orders pertaining to your group. In addition, registering your group will automatically give us access to your group members’ email addresses so we can ensure we get them the correct discount code pertaining to your group and allow us to communicate efficiently with each member if the need arises.

How do I make sure we find the right suit size?

We have several options to assist you and your groomsmen find the right suit size. We have a Fit Guide that outlines the proper way to measure the different parts of the body with a size chart to guide you to choosing the right size. We have a FitPredictor tool built into the suit product pages that will take measurements from clothes in your existing wardrobe to accurately predict the size option you will need in our clothing. Lastly, please feel free to email us at and we can personally guide you through the ordering process to help you choose the suit size that best fits you.

Is there a way to pay for or contribute to the suits for my wedding party?

At the current moment, we have several options to pay for the groom’s suit as well as the suits for the entire party. If the groom would like to pay for his group’s order, he can add everything into one cart and use one of the several payment options to pay for the entire order. However, if the suits need to be shipped to separate mailing addresses, please email us a list of names, mailing addresses, and the corresponding sizes for each groomsman and we will ensure we ship each suit to the correct groomsmen in the party.
If each member of the group is responsible for paying for his/her order, please have each member of your group place a separate order with the provided discount code and we will ship out each order as it is received as quickly as possible.

How will the groom be credited for his free suit?

The groom will be credited for his free suit through a coupon code provided to him once all of his groomsmen purchase their suits before his event date. If any groom prefers not to wait on the groomsmen to place their orders, he can go ahead and place his order and once the groomsmen complete their orders a refund will be issued to the groom for the full amount of his wedding suit. The groom will only be refunded for an equal amount to the orders placed by his groomsmen.

How far in advance should my group be ordering?

We recommend ordering in a 6 week out -3 month window. With such a big day, this gives room for any potential fit changes or alterations. Our suits are ready-to-wear, so typically the only alteration needed is the hem of the pant tailored.
Our orders ship within 2-3 business days, so no need to worry about long shipping times.


Don’t know where to start? Schedule a virtual wedding group consulation with our experienced team of clothiers.


Our team is here to help. We’ve suited over 10,000 weddings and know that communication is key to success. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.