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Powder Blue MicroTexture Necktie


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Buy a suit, get a shirt and tie for only $39.

Though it initially referred to a much darker shade of blue, powder blue first appeared as a colour name in the 1890s and was later used to describe powdered cobalt glass. When shopping for suits, Its bluish-grey colour has a little bit of mystery to it because no one is exactly sure how or when the connotation of "powder blue" shifted to the lighter tint that it has today. This powder blue tie combines nicely with almost everything because it is a rather unassuming colour, but men’s wedding suits for wedding, especially looks well with light grey, charcoal, smoky grey, and navy. The tie stands out among ties with solid textures since it is made of a woven microfiber and has a complex microtexture design.

Powder Blue MicroTexture Necktie



Buy a suit, get a shirt and tie for only $39.