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Whether you’re looking to save time, money, or just get yourself out of a jam like a stylish MacGyver, having a few genius style hacks in your arsenal can definitely be as clutch as Russ Westbrook with 10 seconds left on the clock and a 1 point deficit. Study up on this batch of our favorites, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

The Suede Savior
Picked up a nasty scuff on that sweet new pair of suede loafers or oxfords? A bummer to be sure, but fixing it doesn’t have to involve buying any fancy gear, all it takes, believe it or not. Simply take the other shoe and give the scuff or scratch a gentle buffing and the scratch will be gone before you know it.

The Anywhere, Anytime Lint Roller
Headed to a job interview or wedding and you’re lint roller has gone missing? No sweat, all you need is a roll of tape. Packing tape is ideal but any larger roll of tape is going to work in a pinch. Simply wrap a few layers around your opened up hand (sticky side out, obviously) and give yourself a quick pat down.

Avoid The Suitcase Stink
For those road warriors in the house, you know that smashing a few days worth of clothes into a small bag for a day’s worth of travel can leave the contents of your suitcase or weekender smelling less than desirable. To keep things smelling fresh, simply tuck a dryer sheet into the bottom of your bag before you pack and it you’ll chase away the travel funk with ease.

Dryers Save Lives
Speaking of dryer sheets, a quick spin in your clothes dryer with some proper augmentation can revive clothes simply and quickly if you’re pressed for time. Have a wrinkled, worn shirt? Toss it in the dryer for a few minutes with a few ice cubes to create steam and release the wrinkles. If a sweater or hoodie needs a refresh simply dampen a dryer sheet and spin for a few minutes to revive and freshen. Just make sure you use higher heat for wrinkled shirts and the low/cool setting for sweaters.

Neck Size = Waist Size = Arm Size
Yeah, it sounds weird but stick with us here. For a quick way to figure out if a pair of pants or jeans is going to fit your waist without trying on, wrap the buttoned waistband around your neck or use your fist and forearm as a gauge. Both of these roughly approximate your waist size and can give you a quick yay or nay.

Open A Bottle Of Wine With A Shoe
We’ve probably all been there, in dire straits, needing to crack open a bottle of juice but lacking the proper tools. The good news is, your favorite shoes (hard-soled dress shoes work best) are here to rescue you just like the Rock in that earthquake movie. Simply place the bottom of the bottle inside the shoe (with the heel facing out) and give it 8-10 solid strikes against a solid wall. It’s not pretty but it’ll get the job done. Just make sure to use care when attempting, broken glass shards, spilled wine, and a hole in your drywall obviously suck.