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Regency Purple Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Jacket Size
Our suits have what is called a "drop," which is the difference between the size of the jacket and the size of the pants. Both our Classic-fit suits and Slim-fit suits have an American average 6" drop, meaning that a size 38R jacket is paired with size 32 pants. All of our trousers come unhemmed so they can be tailored to the wearer's specific hem length

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Design Notes

Crave an entrance that will leave everyone speechless with this regency purple velvet shawl lapel tuxedo. Crafted from the finest cotton velvet, this lovely purple velvet tuxedo whispers luxury with every touch. The shawl lapel drapes effortlessly, while the single-button closure of the suit creates a clean silhouette. This tuxedo is more than just looking good; it's about feeling confident, regal, and ready to command attention.

Details and Features
Indulge in the luxurious feel of meticulously woven cotton velvet, a gentle caress that whispers royalty at every turn. The shawl lapel drapes smoothly, exuding an air of timeless elegance that sets you apart from the ordinary. A single-button closure creates a clean, streamlined silhouette, ensuring you look sharp and sophisticated from every angle. The trousers are unhemmed and can be custom-tailored to your preferred length.

Product Details

Fabric and Color
Ditch the predictable black and embrace the spotlight with the rich, regal purple. It's the color of individuality, of a man who dares to be different. The meticulously woven cotton velvet adds depth and texture, further elevating the luxurious feel of this masterpiece. The suit is smooth and elegant and will make you look classy anytime you put it on.

Furthermore, styling this tuxedo is a breeze. Go classic with a crisp white shirt, black bow tie, and patent leather shoes for timeless elegance. In addition, you can opt for a textured shirt, metallic accents, and loafers for a modern twist. This tuxedo adapts to your style, and you will look magnificent in it.

The regency purple velvet shawl lapel tuxedo is a stunning outfit for every wedding and occasion. It's the confidence boost you need to own the dance floor at your wedding. It is the sophistication that turns heads at a gala and the timeless elegance that makes you unforgettable. With our luxurious masterpiece, you can embrace your inner majesty and step into the spotlight at every outing.

Size & Fit

Details and Features The single-breasted jacket features a shawl lapel and four-button detailing on the sleeves. It has a slim fit to highlight your physique and elevate your look. The jacket also has jetted pockets, a chest pocket, and no vents in the back. The pants are unhemmed, so you can customize them to your preferred length.


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Regency Purple Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo



Buy a suit, get a shirt and tie for only $39.